About GES 2019

Objective of the 8th Global Economic Summit is to enable participants to explore the linkages between firms in the service sector and those operating in the domains of technology, manufacturing and agriculture. The Summit will identify trends, opportunities and challenges in Services.

Highlights of the Summit are Conference, Exhibition, Meetings, Field Visit, Release of a Handbook and Awards.

The Summit will explore the role of technology and its impact in the wake of technological advancements in diverse streams of the service sector thereby improving productivity in manufacturing and agriculture

The Summit will engage policy makers , international experts from multilateral organisations, MNCs, academicians and industry leaders to deliberate on enhancing economic and business competitiveness in accessing global markets.

The Exhibition will showcase products and services of micro, small, medium and large enterprises to reinforce their business opportunities across markets.

Meetings is an effective platform for facilitating business partnerships, technology transfers, identifying distributors / agents and other commercial alliances.

Website: www.wtcmumbai.org